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By Dr. Fred Potato
Radio Free Ozarks Editor
June 16th, 2022

Radio Free Ozarks has uncovered a shocking new memo believed to be written by noted treasonist and J6 coup plotter John Eastman. We have no way of verifying that he wrote this memo but it sure does seem like something he would write. The 2-page memo assumes that Donald Trump secures a second term as President in 2024 and then lays out a legal strategy for Trump to stay in office for a third term beyond 2028.

Eastman first rose to prominence with his participation in attempts to overturn the 2020 US Presidential Election, telling Vice President Mike Pence that he had the constitutional authority to block certification of the results and thus keep Donald Trump in power. Eastman is noted for his memo dated January 6th, 2021 outlining his six-point plan for overthrowing the election.

John Eastman at Work
Eastman likes to tippy-tap away at his precious little keyboard. (via YouTube)

Eastman is a “lawyer” who is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, a hate-based law firm affiliated with the white nationalist think tank Claremont Institute. Eastman is also noted for his unusual ability to still be walking around freely in the country that he is trying to destroy.

Starting with the encrypted secure network server of the Claremont Institute, our nephew recently applied his computer wizardly skills to try to determine the source of this PDF. While our nephew had torrent downloaded and installed the latest 3.1 version of the Pegasus spyware, and this software was fully at the ready, it must be said that the Claremont Institute really should avoid using default administrator passwords.

The PDF in question was not found on the network server, but there were a remarkable number of large encrypted video files stored there in a subdirectory labeled Eastman Research. With some help from our friends in the Quantum Computing Division of The ServiceTM, Radio Free Ozarks was able to decrypt these video files. A sampling of these videos all depicted men having sexual relations with other men, some of whom appeared to be directors at the Claremont Institute. Radio Free Ozarks will not post any of these videos as they are not suitable for a public web site, but they are noted here so that Eastman may get to the, uh, bottom of his research security.

The text of this possible Eastman memo (original here) is reproduced in the shaded box below.


2029 President Trump Third Term scenario

Under this scenario, President Donald Trump, having been restored to the Presidency on January 20, 2025, does not stand as a candidate in the 2028 Presidential Election.  Key to this process, President Trump does not cite the 22nd Amendment (Presidential Term Limits) as a reason not to run, thus avoiding any possible later arguments citing estoppel.

Throughout the calendar year 2028, President Trump claims to watch from the sidelines but states that if the GOP candidate proves weak or is a RINO (thus covering a victory by a GOP candidate), or if the election appears to be headed for another rigged, corrupt outcome (thus covering a victory by a Democrat candidate), he COULD be forced to “step in and take official action to address a national emergency.”  While never stating directly that this means he would continue in office, this is obviously implied and creates a groundswell of support among President Trump’s base, growing as the year progresses, finally becoming a tidal wave of outcry from a public that is weary after yet another brutal and obviously corrupt Presidential Election process.

Ahead of December 12, 2028, our Republican-majority state legislatures will, at our direction, meet and each declare the 2028 Presidential Election process as hopelessly spoiled, and will each select an alternate slate of electors who will cast their votes for Donald Trump as a matter of continuity of government during this national emergency.  We expect that even some Democrat-majority state legislatures will agree with popular sentiment and join this effort.  On December 18, 2028 these alternate electors shall meet and record their votes for Donald Trump.

On January 6th, 2029, Vice President Donald Trump Jr. begins to open and count the electoral ballots.  When he gets to the first state that sent an alternate set of electors, he announces that due to the ongoing national emergency he will honor the votes that were sent directly by the state legislatures.  Should any competing “will of the voter” ballots from these states appear before him, by court order or otherwise, Don Jr. will assert the position assigned by the Constitution that the Vice President is the ultimate arbiter.  Don Jr. will briefly look at any competing ballots before feeding them into a shredder next to him, and all that the Members of Congress can do is watch.

Howls, of course, from the Democrats, who now claim that democracy has been subverted and blah blah blah.  So Don Jr. says, fine.  As a matter of national security all Democrats in the joint session who protest the vote, along with any so-called “President-Elect”, are removed to the Caribbean for their own protection until the national emergency is over.

Don Jr. continues counting the correct ballots and Donald Trump receives the minimum 270 votes required.  Don Jr. then gavels President Trump as remaining in office, but without using the term “re-elected”.

(I have outlined some of this in my earlier memos, but I have re-verified all assumptions here so I will be billing for it again).

The 22nd Amendment, which is likely unconstitutional, shall not apply in this case because President Donald Trump did not stand for election during the 2028 presidential election cycle, and because he is already the sitting President, thus is not considered to have been elected more than twice.

President Donald Trump shall have termination papers ready for all high-ranking administration and military officials.  Any official taking public or private exception to the events will receive a dismissal by phone or text within 15 minutes and be served with written termination notice within 4 hours (“termination”, as in getting fired, not the other thing).

A draft version of this memo was circulated to the five Supreme Court Justices notionally under our control and we have received positive feedback from all of them, that all issues raised here are political and non-justiciable.  If any of The Five leave the Supreme Court prior to 2029 this exercise must be repeated, and if necessary the Court will need to be expanded to guarantee the outcome.  We have verified with Senate Republican leadership that they would need a minimum of 5 working days to confirm 2-4 additional Justices for an expanded Court.

To drive home the finality of the process with the MSM, during major protests in DC we suggest retaining street-type performers to impersonate:

   • Rutherford B. Hayes, representing precedent for the public accepting the finality of the Electoral College process no matter what and moving on with life.

   • Franklin D. Roosevelt, representing precedent for a President serving more than eight years and reminding the public of this history.  This especially dulls any arguments from Democrat leaders. 

   • Donald J. Trump, representing winning. So much winning!

These impersonators, collectively called the “Precedent Presidents”, would parade around the Capitol grounds in front of the crowds of the inevitable protesters and behind the crowd control barriers being carefully guarded by the Marines.  These performers would mock the rabid protesters by pointing and laughing and making the “loser” sign on their foreheads.  These performances will no doubt be shown that evening on a repeating loop while all the MSM talking heads talk the night away.  A few of these impersonators should be of color, to stick it to the BLM crowd.  The Franklin D. Roosevelt impersonators would seemingly be wheelchair-bound, but would occasionally jump up and burst out into a choreographed hip-hop “dance-off” routine as accompanied by Presidents Trump and Hayes. This routine always ends with President Trump standing as victor over the other two (do not use any black people to impersonate Trump).

For effect, the actual swearing-in is conducted on the upper level walkway on the outside of the Capitol rotunda, and all spectators must crane their necks to see.  A full honor guard of police and military personnel will line the roof of the capitol, some in full dress uniform but with large and noticeable sections in full combat gear or SWAT team riot gear.

At noon on January 20th, 2029, President Donald Trump is sworn in for a third term.

This seems like it was actually written by John Eastman, because you can’t make this stuff up. I mean, like, am I right? Our nephew received this memo from an admirer through his OnlyFans account, and we have no reason to doubt its authenticity.

Presidential Impersonators
Left: a Grover Cleveland impersonator, because we couldn’t find any photos of a Rutherford B. Hayes impersonator.
Right: an FDR impersonator who is not Ralph Bellamy.

Radio Free Ozarks’ investigation into the provenance of this document remains ongoing. Anyone got any ideas? Let us know in the comments section below, assuming we remember to turn on commenting for this post.

Presidential Swearing-In atop Capitol Dome
January 20th, 2029
(artist’s visualization by a good
friend of Radio Free Ozarks)

Photo Attributions:
FDR impersonator (Modified by RFO) David Wilson under CC BY 2.0
Eastman video frame captures (Modified by RFO) by ISCOTUS under CC BY 3.0
Capitol Rotunda (Modified by RFO) by Natalie Maguire under CC BY-SA