Redneck standing in Walmart parking lot next to pickup with open carry handgun holstered


By Dumbass Redneck Loitering in the Walmart Parking Lot
February 2nd, 2022

i opencarry cuz i want to f*k some prety girls ril bad. i opencarry my sweet gun, a glok 26 with custim nikel finissh and custim inley and coll looking tacticul blak holsteur make me full badass sexy badass i use doe sent as part of stimmulus thanks joe dumass i also use doe 2 get aligattor skin boots i had on layway i love my boots they make me taller and i put liffts in them

i plan on attract preety gals by hainging out in walmart parking lot all nite by my truk and waiting for any dum old guy walking by and maybe he are mumble something about forgeting there shopping list and i step all out badass and say hey you talking 2 me boy and asking hey were you looking for a fite and if they stop walkng and look at me i point my glok at them and if they smart off 2 me they get droppd and are ded before they hit the paivemet because i kno if i tell cop i felt threttened it is self deffense and the cop shaik my hand and tell all other cops on radyo what a badass hero i am and that i kilt a dum looser in self deffense and offer 2 go hang out with other cops at waffle hut but prety gal with big brests comes up from gatherd croud and wants 2 be my girlfrend and i f*k them a lot becase she is amazd what a tall badass hero i am and we go eat popeyes chicken and I f*k gal and sqeeze big brests all nite

tom cotton will call 2 offer me a job. i will get doe for ar15 with sniper site girls will say I am total full badass better than any. i will make prety girls drive all the way from misoori to see the me fulll tall badass with opencarey ar15 and aligattor boots and tacticul cowboy hat. i will f*k most of them prety girls i will taik them on date at popeyes chiken then taik them in my pikup truk and do donutts on old indyan buryal sites. and i get ar15 modifid with drumm magazeen and become big big big badass and prety girls chase me and caint say no to a f*k

i hang out in walmart parking lot on friday nite or maybe eat popeyes chicken i love me that chicken from popeyes drivethru in pikup truk and always get me that tenders comboe i am care full 2 no get grese on glok or aligattor skin boots that make me taller or pikup truk i wil do same for ar15 and tacticl cowboy hat. them walmart asshols thenk i not carry glok in stor cuz they put up all stiker at dor say no guns in stor but i donalt trump smart and kno better cuz walmart asshols not put a stiker on all hols like roof skylites or plumin vents on roof as way in 2 walmart so stiker not legel and i kno my rites so i stik my glok under shirtt and go in walmart as tall sexy badass to buy beere and grate valu chipps cuz some dum fool guy culd smart off at me in stor is his choyce if he wants to be ded n full 9 mil

thank you lesle rutleg and donnald trump for letting us baddass opencarry i wish we always had opencarry back when i was kickd out of proud boys metting them asshols i would be badass. would be badass when i was kicked out of guys party at guys house i would have droppd him ded like all drincing badass in guys own garag. would be badass back when asshol at springdail honketonk took the prety girl i had been starring at all nite that asshol shuld have nown that she was myne by how i was starring and i woujld have dropped him ded like all badass just as well after drincing and i would not wait to f*k. no asshol will take away opencarry and i will make sur 2 do badass opencarry pattrol of voting at cort house with many other opencarry badass and we can bro drinc and all have prety girls to f*k. i lov donnald trump i will be church of f*k for ever i will be like jefrey eppstine of prety girl f*k only i not get cot. thank u shylo cristun i do u proudd

i am not very good speling or doing tipe keys but is importunt to engaje in comunitty and threten gotdam librels i thakn radyo free ozraks for invyet he is good freind now all forgivin

Guest Commentator Dumbass Redneck Loitering the Walmart Parking Lot serves as Outreach Director in the office of State Senator Bart Hester and may be contacted here at