Woman under Havana Syndrome Attack



By Dr. Fred Potato
Radio Free Ozarks Editor
December 29th, 2022

In a sinister new development, Radio Free Ozarks has learned from our source inside the FBI of stateside Havana Syndrome attacks carried out by US-based Antifa operatives targeting supporters of Donald Trump. A leaked US intelligence memo states that in at least one case a Trump supporter was targeted simply for having a “Trump Won” sign in her yard.

The leaked memo, which our source confirmed as believable, states that the communist partners of Russia, China, and Cuba transferred this technology stateside to the US domestic terror organisation Antifa in early 2022. Specifically, in March 2022 a shipping container full of Directed Microwave Energy weapon modules was sent from Cuba via oceangoing cargo ship. Based on satellite images, the cargo container was transferred to another vessel while at sea, in order to skirt the US embargo on trade with Cuba. From there the container made a final port of call in a radical leftist state, believed to be Massachusetts. The ship’s Bill of Lading listed the cargo container as carrying “200 CD Players.” Our FBI source stated that the Bill of Lading appears falsified, because who buys a CD player anymore?

FBI Dude on Phone
Radio Free Ozarks’ source in the FBI’s Domestic Threats Lab in Quantico, VA. Radio Free Ozarks is not publishing our source’s name to protect his anonymity.

From Boston, the trail goes cold, but the DME weapons are believed to have been distributed to local Antifa battalions in the southern and southeastern US. The arrival of these weapons into the US corresponds with an increase in otherwise unexplained Havana Syndrome attacks on local GOP political figures and supporters in recent months. Several incidents have happened in Arkansas. In one reported Havana Syndrome attack, Davis County GOP chairman Bud Webb stated to the police that he was forced to flee his house in his socks and underwear and take refuge in his sister-in-law’s garage. And an apparent Havana Syndrome attack on State Senator Jason Bogard happened while he was driving, causing an impairment similar to a “beer buzz,” right before Bogard heroically swerved around a stopped school bus.

The business end of a DME weapon directs short-range, focused and extremely high-intensity microwaves at 22.235 GHz, the primary resonant frequency of water. The weapons effectively “cook” the insides of the skulls of the water-based living creatures known as human beings, not unlike if they were put into a microwave oven. Microwave energy at this frequency tends to be absorbed by humidity in the atmosphere, so any attacks would have a relatively short range, of perhaps half a mile. But attacks within roughly 300 feet have been able to penetrate common types of building construction. Thus a victim could be targeted in their own home from a house nearby. Like your neighbors or maybe that dirty hippie who lives caddy-corner. Maybe go look right now.

Directed Microwave Energy Weapon
An FBI mockup of what a Directed Microwave Energy (DME) weapon might look like (image “courtesy” of the FBI)

Common symptoms reported in these attacks are a feeling of pressure in the head and/or sinuses, fatigue, tinnitus, excessive flatulence, insomnia, feelings of dread, feelings of persecution, feelings of hatred towards the Obamas, and short-term memory loss (example: thinking “now, what did I come in here for?” when entering a room in your house). If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you are likely under attack by an Antifa operative with a DME weapon and you should take immediate action to protect yourself and your family.

Radio Free Ozarks spoke with local microwave attack expert Slade Viper IV about these attacks. Viper, speaking from his dank cave near Burkshed, described the measures that affected individuals should immediately take. “This is critical to anyone who lives aboveground and who might be a target. The only way to block the attack is to paint the interior or exterior walls and windows of your house with paint specifically made for cast-iron radiators.

Radiator Paint Can

“Not just silver paint. It’s got to be made for radiators so it has the high metal flake content in it. The silver color works best, but white is nearly as good. You’ve got to coat the windows too. This is some serious (expletive).”

Slade Viper IV
Slade Viper IV

Viper added, “If you do have to leave home, covering exposed skin with heavy aluminum foil will protect against most, but not all attacks. I don’t recommend painting one’s self with the radiator paint, although that would provide complete ironclad protection.”

House covered with aluminum foil
Well, these people certainly have their act together.
Better than you, at least.

Viper recommended turning the tables on any would-be attacker. “To go on the offense, a person would have to locate the source of the attack. If you are 100% sure and they are close, like next-door close, it’s possible you could set up a reflector dish to blast it right back at them. They can (expletive) around and find out! Or if you think it’s that weird dirty hippie living down the street, the one with the Ukrainian flag and NPR or PBS stickers in his window, law enforcement would probably be glad to have a reason to arrest him.

“Or, as a last resort, burn his house down.”

Photo Attributions:
FBI Source (modified by RFO) csete under CC BY-NC 2.0
Chamber (modified by RFO) csete under CC BY-NC 2.0
Foil Mask (modified by RFO) Rob under CC BY-NC 2.0