Dominion Voting Tabulators



By Dr. Fred Potato
Radio Free Ozarks Editor
April 28th, 2022

Acting on a tip from a confidential source, Radio Free Ozarks has learned that Dominion Voting Systems is working on a new model of vote tabulating machine that can actually house a person inside while ballots are fed in. What this means is anybody’s guess and a full-time paid journalist would actually find out. But hey, it’s Dominion Voting Systems and they must be up to no good.

Ballot Being Inserted Into Dominion Vote Tabulator
Certainly Dominion must be up to something, uh, that they shouldn’t be up to. Right?

Radio Free Ozarks’ source is a part-time employee at Dominion’s sprawling main production facility in Denver, Colorado. Our source is an old personal friend who was also previously employed in The ServiceTM and who spoke to Radio Free Ozarks on the conditions of anonymity and a carton of name-brand cigarettes.

“I was drifting around Denver last year after some time in the corrections industry down in Florence,” our source said while tamping his pack of Marlboro Reds. “The sign-on bonus for getting hired at Dominion was too good to turn down. Not any bonus being offered by Dominion. This was a bonus being offered by something called, let me get this right, the Legal Defense Fund for the Glorious Trump Leader Restoration. A bonus for getting hired on at Dominion, but it was contingent on doing some snooping on the side and making a few copies of software and documents and keeping an eye on things.

“I’d been working there for a few months doing general maintenance, and one day they wheeled this new machine onto the production floor. I’d never seen one quite like it before. It came from the prototyping lab building and they brought it to the floor to test it. I’d been sitting there in the break room, which is all open on a mezzanine overlooking the plant floor. Phones with cameras aren’t allowed in the building, so I had to hang out there past the end of my break time and look like I was really interested in reading the back of my bag of Funyuns.”

Per our source, the prototype machine in question was labeled as an “ImageCast Evolution NGT” This would be a major design revision of the ImageCast Evolution (ICE) optical scan tabulating machine. The ICE tabulator is used in voting precincts that use marked paper ballots. The ICE tabulator scans and tabulates the marked paper ballots that are fed into it, with blank or unclear ballots rejected, and with the results stored on an encrypted memory card.

Dominion Memory Card
Or at least, that’s what Dominion would have us believe.

Our source lit a cigarette and described what appeared to be a fit check test. “They opened up the side of that machine, which was like one of the regular tabulators but this one was mostly empty inside. Hollowed out. None of the gears and blinking lights and ballot bin like usual. But there was a little window in the front. And they led this woman in that I’d never seen before, a Black lady, about five feet tall with purple hair and wearing a T-shirt with ‘US Becomes Venezuela’ written on it. That gal seemed seemed a little too eager to check out the arrangement. They gave her this bulky adult diaper. It had a NASA logo on on the side. But she put it on over her pants so I reckon that was just to see how it fit.

“And then she climbs into the side of that (expletive) tabulator and they put the cover back on. And a guy with a clipboard was talking to her and looking at her through the little window and asking a few questions but I couldn’t hear exactly what. And after a minute someone brought out some sample ballots, and the guy started feeding one into the machine, and he tapped on the side of the machine and told the lady to grab the ballot and pull it in slowly and make a humming noise, like when the ATM pulls in your disability check. The gal inside tried to do this but I have to say she was not convincing.”

Per our source, three or four ballots were fed into the machine with the unidentified woman hidden in the compartment below. The ultimate fate of these test ballots was not observed, but the woman emerged a short time later, beaming with joy and giving the “thumbs up” sign.

Shockingly, the observed ImageCast Evolution NGT prototype appears to have been outfitted to hide a person inside and comfortably sustain them for perhaps 12 to 16 hours. With technology derived from NASA space suits, the biological needs of a person can easily be met during normal voting hours on an election day. We now know that this ties in with Antifa seeking to recruit men and women who are on the smaller and shorter side and who aren’t afraid of confined spaces.

NASA Absorbent Underwear
Because, like, you know, Dominion Voting Systems.

“That gal hightailed it out of there and I really needed a smoke so I went outside,” our source stated, exhaling cigarette smoke through his teeth like a really cool mountain man, “and that’s when I saw a George Soros bus pulling out of the parking lot. I’m pretty sure it had picked that gal up. I went home to the Y that night and I tried to email my handler. Code name ‘Sidney’. But the email bounced.”

Dominion Voting Systems’ equipment is widely used in elections across the United States. Dominion Voting Systems has come under heavy scrutiny and pressure from the media and the alternative media after its voting systems, used in 28 states including several so-called swing states, were shockingly revealed to have accurately recorded the vote totals in the 2020 presidential election. If you quote this article we’re guessing you will neglect to include this paragraph.