Tom Cotton Free Energy Device



By Frances Hodong
Radio Free Ozarks Washington, DC Reporter
September 7th, 2022

The creation of a “free energy” perpetual motion machine would become the US Department of Energy’s only research goal under draft legislation proposed by Senator Tom Cotton (D-Arkansas). The bill as currently written would also create criminal liabilities for any DOE employee found to be conducting research into any other energy technology.

In a news briefing held last Thursday near Cotton’s home in suburban McLean, Virginia, the senator laid out the background of his proposal. Rainy weather nearly led to the event being cancelled, and this reporter was one of only two in attendance.

“In an unstable world our nation’s energy security must be one of our highest priorities, if not the highest priority,” Cotton began. “Anything less than 100% energy independence is unacceptable. It is criminal. What is happening in Europe with the price of energy cannot happen here. The sheikhs and princes of OPEC can go rot in their deserts. And they can take AOC and Hillary Clinton and their liberal fever dreams of windmills and solar panels with them.

“There’s a potential source of limitless, free, clean energy that has always been right in front of us and that must become America’s highest research priority. Our only energy research priority. I am speaking of the holy grail of energy independence. A limitless source of clean energy. I am of course speaking about a perpetual motion machine. Not just any run-of-the-mill China-fake frictionless gizmo. I’m talking about a US-designed and built device, which with our top-notch science and engineering, combined with aerospace-grade materials and fabrication, which would become a so-called Over-Unity Device. A device that produces more energy than it consumes. Using American ingenuity to bend nature into doing our bidding.

Tom Cotton Animated Gif
Tom Cotton Demonstrates Perpetual Motion (Artist’s Rendering by Radio Free Ozarks)

“This has been a passion of mine for many years. There were many times in grade school when I’d be in detention hall in the library for smarting off or huffing paint. I would pass the hours poking around in the stacks of old magazines. I became fascinated by OMNI magazine and its UFO Update column and the paintings of fantasy women, but one article in particular has always stuck with me. It had diagrams of water wheels and balls and magnets showing how the various perpetual motion machines could work. But in all the years since none of our nation’s research institutions have taken up the cause. Not DARPA. Not NASA. None of our liberal-infested universities. No one has pursued this research. And it’s a fact that liberals, abortionists, the Clintons, and gays are to blame.

“I have toured our National Labs, and I have not gotten the answers I’m seeking. Not even the most basic research on frictionless bearings and ramps. I am dumbfounded that I can see videos on YouTube of ordinary citizens as they conduct this research and try to build these devices in their own garage. I am amazed at their dedication and ingenuity. In a fair and just world these people would trade places with their counterparts at Livermore or NASA wherever.

“In recent months I have also had extensive discussions with alternative energy researchers at places like Boeing, Chrysler, and Arkansas Tech, and their eager inventors have told me, that given the proper funding and use of new technologies,” Cotton said, looking down at his cell phone, “like superconducting magnets, reactionless generators, n-matter, vacuum energy, and baryonic foam, they can create several working perpetual motion demonstrator machines within 2-3 years. When that day comes I will gladly display them on the National Mall for all to see.

Chemical Jar
Spooky energy jar thing.

“From there a true free energy machine should be possible by the end of the decade. Patented, but free for US-based private enterprises to use it to build commercial power plants and feed electricity into the US power grid. Mission accomplished. A dream fulfilled, but let me say how sad I am that OMNI magazine no longer appears to be around to report on it. And until that day arrives this bill provides expanded subsidies for fossil fuel extraction.

“This bill will make this dream happen. This bill will direct the Department of Energy to solely focus on a free energy future. This bill will end the endless, futile research into technology dead ends like biofuels, carbon capture, and nuclear fusion, and consign energy efficiency standards to the trash heap of history.

Electric Motor
Strange spinning magnet thing.

“I have had more than one so-called intellectual tell me that free energy is impossible. But I’ll tell you what is impossible,” Cotton said, growing agitated. “Nuclear fusion. Research into fusion has taken up more than 50 years of taxpayer funding with no results. It has always been at least 50 years away. Billions of public dollars wasted on something that we now know to be impossible.

“Is free energy impossible? The East Coast intellectuals like to cite these so-called laws to tell me it’s impossible. Like the same traitors who cite all these laws and tell me it’s impossible that Donald Trump can be president again? To them I say ‘Eat (expletive)’. Does God’s will and God’s energy obey your laws? (Expletive).”

Cotton ended his remarks without taking questions, tersely citing the possibly stormy conditions. As Cotton briskly walked away from the microphones and towards a waiting limousine, the clouds parted briefly and the sun shone down on the thoroughly soaked attendees.

Spinning Thing

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